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Freesat TV - Freesat
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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 10:21

What is freesat?

freesat TVfreesat is here! As things stand, freesat should be available to around 98% of the UK population, but what is it? Well, it is a free to air broadcasting service that arrives in your home via satellite - think Sky but without a monthly subscription payment or think Freeview with a satellite dish rather than a TV aerial. Of course the main benefit of using satellite as a transmission medium is that it can be picked up in more geographical areas and you should always get a good picture which is not the case with Freeview if you're too far from a transmitter or live in a dip.

There are currently around 140 digital TV and radio channels being broadcast via freesat including ITV and BBC HD channels. You also get lightning fast digital text, enhanced interactive services, digital subtitles and audio descriptions.

How do I get freesat?

Getting access to this fantastic new service couldn't be easier.

  1. You'll need a satellite dish. If you have had or currently have a Sky service, you'll be able to carry on using this dish to receive freesat. Otherwise, you should be able to get a dish installed for around £80. You can buy a nationwide installation from Argos, here.
  2. A freesat receiver. This can be in the form of a standalone freesat box or a television with an integrated freesat receiveer built-in, like these Panasonic models.

There is also another clever way to have a satellite dish installed! You can purchase Sky Pay Once for £75 which will give you a Sky minidish, Sky Box (which you could eBay if not required!) and 4 months of Free Sky channels (200 in all). Click here to find out more.



This is a taste of the channels available. Just click on the links on the left for the full list of channels in each category.


  • This is a taste of the channels available. Just click on the links on the left for the full list of channels in each category.
  • * ITV HD is not currently available to STV and UTV viewers

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